10 October 2022

10 of the Best Finance Podcasts To Listen to in 2022

10 of the Best Finance Podcasts To Listen to in 2022

In North America, 79% of people over the age of 12 are familiar with podcasts.

Despite being long-form content, podcasts have managed to increase in popularity over the last few years. This has led to a whole host of new podcasters entering the market to discuss interesting topics such as pop culture, entertainment, and even finances.

Finance podcasts are some of the most successful as they are filled with vital information that you can use to help improve your financial health. These podcasts often feature special guests that offer unique insights into the world of finance.

Interested in learning more about the best finance podcasts to listen to? You’re in the right place. Here are 10 of the best finance podcasts to listen to this year.

1. How to Money

How to Money is a podcast that covers all the basics and is perfect for young adults that are slowly getting into the world of finance. Finance can be a difficult topic to discuss even with friends and family. In most cases, the best advice you’re going to get about your finances is from experts such as financial professionals and financial advisors.

This is why How to Money is so beneficial as it covers all the basics that you may not have been told about. This includes how to make a budget, how to manage debt, how to start an investment portfolio, and even a few tips on how to manage your money better. Episodes of How to Money are released every few days and are around 45 minutes long.

2. More Money Podcast

The More Money podcast is one of the most entertaining financial podcasts. Hosted by Jessica Moorhouse, the More Money podcast covers a wide range of topics that focus on financial independence. These topics are not exclusive to millennials but are most beneficial for younger audiences that are slowly getting into the world of finance and investing.

More Money often features guest speakers that offer a unique view on current topics such as cryptocurrency, financial independence, and breaking the debt cycle. These podcasts are around an hour in length, making them perfect for morning commutes or lunch breaks.

3. ChooseFI

The FIRE movement is one of the most impressive financial movements in the last few decades. FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. This movement is based on financial independence and living below your means so that you can prepare for early retirement.

The ChooseFI podcast dives deep into this concept with co-hosts Jonathan and Brad. The two discuss tons of tips and tricks to help save money every month. New episodes are published every Monday and are around 1 hour in duration. Recently, the podcast has covered interesting topics such as the inflation crisis, retirement savings, and the rising interest rate.

This podcast is perfect for those who want to learn more about the FIRE movement along with the best tips on how to save and invest your money over the long term.

4. HerMoney

Jean Chatzky is the host of HerMoney, a finance podcast dedicated to helping women around the world take control of their finances. This award-winning financial expert provides tips and advice to help women increase their salaries and create an investment portfolio.

HerMoney covers a wide range of topics but focuses heavily on investing over the long term. Jean Chatzky uploads new podcasts every Wednesday and keeps them short at just 30 minutes each. Each podcast covers a unique topic, with recent episodes covering topics such as NFTs, mental health, gender equality, and the gender wealth gap.

5. The Iced Coffee Hour

Graham Stephan is one of the most successful financial YouTubers in the world. Starting as a real estate agent, Graham invested in real estate and quickly became one of the leading authorities on YouTube for financial tips and investment advice. Graham boasts over 2 million subscribers on his main channel and has branched out to create his own podcast in the last few years.

Known as the Iced Coffee Hour, Graham hosts an interesting podcast every week that covers a wide range of financial topics. This includes topics such as financial independence, cryptocurrency, investing in the stock market, and even current political news. This gives listeners a great idea of the current state of the financial world and how to make the most of their money.

This podcast is ideal for those looking for a simple and easy way to learn about managing finances. Graham has grown to become an authority in the space but offers information in a very digestible way for everyone to understand.

6. Marriage, Kids and Money

Marriage, Kids and Money is a great financial podcast that covers vital information for married couples and families looking to invest in their future. These podcasts launch every Monday and last around 45 minutes each. The topics covered include downsizing, college education, and investing.

While the podcast is not focused on retiring early, it does place a lot of emphasis on saving for the future and for retirement. This is one of the most important podcasts you can listen to if you’re thinking of having a family as it provides you with all the tools you need to ensure that your family is financially stable.

Finances are not always easy to handle, but the Marriage, Kids and Family podcast gives you the best shot at planning for the future.

7. Strike It Big

Strike It Big is one of the fastest-growing financial podcasts in the world. With new episodes uploaded to YouTube every Friday, Strike It Big now boasts over 400 thousand subscribers. Hosted by Mark Tilbury and his son, Curtis Tilbury, the podcast covers a wide range of topics including entrepreneurship, business, and investing.

This podcast is one of the most informative podcasts you can listen to as they regularly have interesting guests come on to explain complex concepts in a simple way.

8. Afford Anything

The Afford Anything podcast is hosted by Paula Pant. Paula is an industry expert with dozens of years’ worth of experience in the world of investing in real estate and financial management. She produces two podcasts every week, each around 1 hour in length.

While Paula does focus on real estate investing, she also provides essential tips on how to build good financial habits. These tips can help you save more every month and build an impressive investment portfolio for yourself at an early age.

9. Journey to Launch

Financial freedom is one of the most popular topics among millennials and younger generations. This topic covers how to manage debt, how to save effectively, and how to create an investment portfolio to let your money work for you in the long run.

The Journey to Launch podcast focuses on these topics and is targeted toward younger audiences to help equip them with the tools they need to succeed. Hosted by Jamila Souffrant, the podcast includes expert interviews with industry authorities to help provide up-to-date information for listeners around the world.

Journey to Launch includes new episodes every Wednesday and are around 1 hour long. These episodes are available almost everywhere, with the most recent episodes covering topics such as international finances and overcoming spending guilt.

10. Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal is a British YouTuber who made a name for himself by making interesting videos about productivity and finances. Ali is a qualified medical doctor but has transitioned into becoming a full-time YouTuber and podcaster. Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal is a unique podcast that offers more than just financial guidance.

Ali offers productivity tips and real-world advice to help you become the best version of yourself. Ali covers a wide range of topics in his podcasts and even features a few guest speakers every now and again. These episodes are available online but are also filmed for a separate YouTube channel if you prefer to watch your podcasts that way.

Start Listening to Finance Podcasts Today

Finance podcasts are some of the most popular podcasts right now. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics that include how to save money, how to invest money, and how to make your money work for you. These podcasts are great if you’re looking to learn money management skills to help improve your financial security.

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