29 August 2022

A Complete Guide to Simple Ways to Save Money

A Complete Guide to Simple Ways to Save Money

Canadians have increased their household savings by 8.10% in 2022. With such numbers, many people begin wondering about the different ways to save money and further increase this number.

There are several ways you can go about saving money that will ensure you’re able to live comfortably while also ensuring you have funds set aside for other things that could arise in the future. Get ready to learn about ways to budget below.


Work with Financial Advisors

If you’ve never been one to handle money wisely, you might find it beneficial to hire a financial advisor. They’ll sit down with you and review your current financial status.

From there, they can begin to make suggestions that will help you maximize your financial health while still being able to afford the things you see as necessities. Another thing that a financial advisor can do is advise you about loans that could work for your current situation.

For example, if you’re buying a home or a car, they can provide you with various options detailing the different loan options you can choose from. Ensure you take the time to review what the financial advisor can offer you before signing any contracts.

If you’re not seeing an improvement in the health of your finances, it’s time to look elsewhere for professional financial advice.


Use the 30-Day Rule

It’s understood that many businesses use marketing tactics that persuade you to feel that what you’re buying is something you need now. However, if you want to do better with budgeting money, we recommend you use the 30-day rule.

This is known as giving yourself a cooldown period. When you see something in the store you think you want to buy, leave it and go home.

During the thirty days, ask yourself if it’s something you need or want. After thirty days, you can buy it if you still feel the same way. But, if you realized it was something you would buy based on impulse, then it’s clear you didn’t need it, to begin with.

By doing this, you can maintain a tighter budget and reduce the chances that you’ll overspend on things you don’t need. Before you know it, waiting to make purchases will become second nature and you’ll begin making better financial decisions as you move forward.

Making better decisions is a part of being financially responsible.


Reign in Online Shopping

Online shopping is one of the most convenient ways to shop because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. However, when you get to the end of the online shopping journey, you are not only paying for the clothes in question but also paying additional fees and taxes to have the items shipped to you.

One way to reduce the time you spend online shopping is not to save your address or card information. This forces you to enter it every time you want to make a purchase, giving you the time you need to pause before making an impulse buy.

You can also utilize a form of the 30-day rule by placing items in your online shopping cart and leaving them. If you find that the items in your shopping cart are things you need, there are times when online retailers will send you coupons or discount the items in your shopping cart to persuade you to buy them.


Plan for Monthly/Major Purchases

Understanding when you’ll need to pay significant monthly purchases can help you plan ahead of time and determine what you’ll have leftover for other purchases you need to make. Another reason to map out and plan major purchases is so you don’t make large buys all at one time.

For example, if you need new kitchen appliances, you might consider waiting until the holiday season to buy the items at a discounted rate. Depending on your bank, tools within your banking app allow you to monitor your spending habits.

You can create a budget, and your banking app will send notifications when you’re nearing the limit for what you’ve allotted for that month. For example, if you’ve allocated $2,000 for groceries each month, when you reach $1,500, you’ll receive an email or text message from the bank.

This doesn’t stop you from spending; it simply notifies you that you’re about to go over the budget you’ve set for yourself.


Don’t Eat Out

11% of a households income is spent on food, including eating out. Eating out is just as convenient as shopping online, but a meal here and there can begin to add up.

We recommend meal prepping if you don’t have time to cook daily and plan meals.

Sit down and create your grocery list with the meals you’ll want to consume for the week. After grocery shopping, prepare and store your meals in the refrigerator and freezer.

That way, during the week, all you’ve got to do is pull something out and heat it up. This saves time and helps you to conserve the amount of money you spend each week buying food from restaurants.

We understand some people aren’t great at putting together meals, and that’s okay. There are several meal planning subscription services that you can subscribe to.

They will provide you with a list of meal options you can select and deliver them to your home. Ensure you choose a subscription service carefully because each offers different things like snacks or desserts.

Choose one that meets your dietary needs.


Pay Off Your Debt

You might be wondering how paying off debt is a way of budgeting, but it is. Paying off your debt can help you increase your credit score and avoid increasing your debt over time.

For example, if you’re paying down your student loans, you’ll notice it incurs interest over time. Instead of allowing this interest to continue to increase, you can pay towards it monthly.

The same theory should apply to paying off your credit card debt or other outstanding loans. The quicker you can pay off your debt, the quicker you will be able to put your money towards something else.

Not to mention paying off debt helps reduce the stress that comes with it and can free up extra cash for you and your family when you’re done paying it off. Your financial advisor can help you determine the best plan of action to pay off your debts.


Cancel Unneeded Subscriptions

Many people are subscribed to multiple apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. If you want to maintain more control over your house budget, it’s time to review the subscriptions you’re paying for.

You might not think the subscriptions add up, but they do. When you cancel the subscription services you no longer need, ensure you remove your account from auto-renew.

If you don’t do this, you might continue to see future charges on your account even though you’re no longer subscribed to the streaming service. Sometimes you cancel a subscription service and realize you need to get it back, which is 100% okay.

When this happens, before you reactivate your service, inquire about whether there is a lower subscriber package you can have that is offered at a lower price. Another thing to consider is the number of people you share the subscription with.

If you’ve got other family members or friends on the same account, split the membership cost. This way, you don’t have to worry about taking care of the entire subscription bill yourself.

Some services provide a membership at a lower price depending on the number of screens you have on your service plan.


Skip The Brand Name

We all have certain brands that we enjoy buying, but they are costly. Instead of buying name-brand products, find the same products but off-brand.

When you go to the grocery store, the brand will be cheaper than the name brands. We’ve been conditioned to think that name brands are better, but the truth is off-brand items work just the same and, in some cases, taste better than name brands.

Going generic is one of the best ways you can think of when saving money.


Different Ways to Save

There are several ways to save that can help you with creating simple budgets. You can skip out on brand-name items and take some time to hire a financial advisor.

Advisors can help you determine the best loan for you. If you’re searching for a loan or want to renew a loan, contact Credito for more financial help today.

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